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Bic D
You didn't need to click bait Brian. Yes, I know what the title says and you also know what you did. Unsubscribed.
Comment from : Bic D

Nick Spors
How did he hit $98000 when the grand is $19000?
Comment from : Nick Spors

waneeza shakoor
Hi do you e ever come for group play at New York casino like empire city casino or world resort please tell me I wanna play there with groups
Comment from : waneeza shakoor

Brian please come to Arizona. Would love to meet you and play the slots with you here at our local. Love your videos.
Comment from : mesa45

Nice i used too work there good wins
Comment from : GR0NT


James Lightning
I love ya man 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸
Comment from : James Lightning

Kyle McDonald
We didn’t click the video to watch what hotel your staying in.
Comment from : Kyle McDonald

Ever coming back to Maryland/WV? It be great tk meet you at the casino.
Comment from : BoiSOwickeD

why did you put $98,000 in your title? You clickbaited the whole entire video
Comment from : TheCamdoggy

$1.00 bet and win $98,000. Damns.
Comment from : LaxBboys

Amy Elizabeth
Ok so I went bk on ur channel & watched ur old vids & those are like how the slots really play it was always negative no winning but now it’s like every vid is a jack pot I’m sorry but it’s def suspicious!! I watch ur vids I’m jus sayin it seems sketchy.
Comment from : Amy Elizabeth

Zaluptious Nonya
Dang Brian I wish I knew u were here...
Comment from : Zaluptious Nonya

Woody and Stormie Wright
I think this was a promo for the casino. No problem, just sayin.
Comment from : Woody and Stormie Wright

Becca Riley
Wow what to do with 98k
Comment from : Becca Riley

Reilavech Notlad
Waste of time just sitting here waiting for a jackpot that doesn’t come. This is why you don’t have any subscribers
Comment from : Reilavech Notlad

My God on 1$ too go man
Comment from : NEWS CONNECT

Awesome win!
Comment from : slotvideos

A1a2a3 Abc123
Profitted only $200 with a$98000 jackpot.
Comment from : A1a2a3 Abc123

Zaheda Najaar
Always old people
Comment from : Zaheda Najaar

Damn i didnt know you were gonna be there ... I live 10 min away
Comment from : robd

James MinardKing
Do u ever intentionally stop the reel? And if not y.
Comment from : James MinardKing

Maria Serna
I checked out your calendar.
Which Date ?.. is the one where we Join for free or play . The volume on my cell was too.. low . Couldn't hear everything you where Saying .

Comment from : Maria Serna

kd 1love
My day is coming 🍀
Comment from : kd 1love

Ansom Riding
Comment from : Ansom Riding

mark milam
just seen this video brian. Next time you plan on coming to live, post it out. Wouls love to have some of your lucck rub off on me. I live about an hour from there. Me and my pops are always up there.
Comment from : mark milam

Eric Robbins
Lock it link grand was sitting at $19K. Where did the $98K win come from?
Comment from : Eric Robbins

MsRed 2u
You’re from Canada you don’t even pay taxes?? Not very fair!
Comment from : MsRed 2u

olita edwards
Hello brian ..i hope they told you that everyone in the casino who has their card inserted into a slot machine when the big jackpot goes off $25 free slot play is automatically loaded onto each player card. Fyi great video as always
Comment from : olita edwards

Rebecca Dorsey
Brian, I've attended your live events, I love your videos, I'm subscribed and I've even bought your merch to support you. That said this was very obviously a paid promotion and you really need to disclose that to your audience. YouTube provides you with the option to disclose this by inserting the grey "this video contains paid promotions" bubble at the beginning of the video. Please be more respectful to your fans in the future.
Comment from : Rebecca Dorsey

Kimberly Gray
Comment from : Kimberly Gray

Brian I thought that was your win. Rude. But your wins gonna be bigger
Comment from : jlgdj82

Undisputed Blackjack
Maryland Live a great casino with a very nice hotel. It’s worth the price using Priceline; stayed 2 nights for $208.
Comment from : Undisputed Blackjack

Melissa 61
dude, I want your job..lol
Comment from : Melissa 61

ThatRandom ChannelYouwatch
Comment from : ThatRandom ChannelYouwatch

John Fields
I'm new but love the video. Better than playing myself.
Comment from : John Fields

Tarik Hodzic
Unsubscribed and down voted. Not cool to click bait
Comment from : Tarik Hodzic

Flip Ya
He didn't win that big 98k and did not even show the machine till after it hit.
Comment from : Flip Ya

Tom Doe
That winner doesn’t look too happy I bet the casino set it up to lure more peoples into their casino the real winner will always have a happy face impression of unbelievable
Comment from : Tom Doe

Click-baiting your videos is not cool I will personally boycott your channel from here on out thank you for wasting my time
Comment from : masche360

Pa Slot Player
The giant jackpot sounds fun. At least you visited that casino at least once.
Comment from : Pa Slot Player

Yeah Buddy Slots
Wow! Epic for that guy!! Yeah Buddy!
Comment from : Yeah Buddy Slots

Kathy Carl
Beautiful Room
Comment from : Kathy Carl

Diane Choate
Brian, of course the world recognizes You! Too late for turning your hat around...and hoping no one knows ya...
Comment from : Diane Choate

Connie Velasco
That was a awesome room and that jackpot for the hole Casino it is a great incentive for people to play more congrats to the winner hopefully next time it will be You!
Best of luck always win big big big on your group hold🍀🍀🍀😘❤️

Comment from : Connie Velasco

Dawn Wallace
Yea what a room..yes one day you will.get a win like that...have fun. Love u
Comment from : Dawn Wallace

Jean Lujan
The price of the room will kill a horse
Comment from : Jean Lujan

Yeah this is click bait, disappointing. I take a peek back at this channel once in a while. But now another reason I unsubscribed to this guy.
Comment from : baffinjigger

98 grand at a 1.00 bet.....thats insane....had to be a machine malfunction...glad they paid the man..now run away very very fast before the catch there mistakey
Comment from : thdevilmancometh

John the man
me a smokers
Comment from : John the man

Franco La14
Comment from : Franco La14

Hoang Vu
Comment from : Hoang Vu

ram lee
To win that big jackpot $98K. Maybe sit at a machine a little longer rather than moving from one machine to another every 20 minutes. Perhaps
Comment from : ram lee

Spoony Poon
You're so funny all the time but really hilarious to say that hopefully no one will recognize you hehehe
Comment from : Spoony Poon

Jawa Snack26
I would be happy to pull a hundred bucks at the casino...this dude hits 100k...
Comment from : Jawa Snack26

Spencer Mann
A shower with a seat, you know what's up
Comment from : Spencer Mann

Mayweather Money
Can you believe I use no data to hack the internet to use free internet? This is crazy.. I was out of data, now I have unlimited data to watch some great videos!
Comment from : Mayweather Money

Golden Legend
I live like 30 mins away from there lol love the mall
Comment from : Golden Legend

Nathan Knipp
click bait
Comment from : Nathan Knipp

That hotel room was trash
Comment from : KINGSLAYER

Suzy john
When will you be at Woodbine casino in Toronto?
Comment from : Suzy john

The giant jackpot there is a random payout given to card holders has nothing to do with actually hitting a jackpot it's luck of the draw and given to someone if their card is in the machine....I have won there many times but that place has been tight for years especially after Cordish added his hotel he's in serious collection mode.I won one decent jackpot there since the hotel opened but the rest of my visits were terrible I got 50 free spins in his high limit room on a $50 wager and won $181 never again.
Comment from : elevatorman013

Chris Reinhardt
What do you think of the Flipping and Dipping guy on you tube ?
Comment from : Chris Reinhardt

The Kurt's Place Channel
Very nice video and fun to watch. Have a nice day.
Comment from : The Kurt's Place Channel

Comment from : Tommy

Thomas Hall
Click Bate
Comment from : Thomas Hall

jazmin montoya
So are you doing Max bets all the time?
Comment from : jazmin montoya

Comment from : Paul

Old people always win.
Comment from : Velioz

Bridget Clement
Love the Music on the Masquerade game. so new orleans themed!!!
Comment from : Bridget Clement

Comment from : Braden101

SimonaLyne Enderz
Think about Talking Stick Casino in AZ!!!
Comment from : SimonaLyne Enderz

Kike 33
Why are you so sexy
Comment from : Kike 33

You're getting hooked!
Fun personality!

Comment from : JoshuaDRD

Maria johnson
Hi Handsome 😍
Comment from : Maria johnson

Usual Weirdo
And he was only betting a $1 a spin when he won that $98,000 win! Proves that you don't need to be betting insane max amounts to win something good.
Comment from : Usual Weirdo

Scuffed21122 Kenny
Them jackpots are rigged the head of security told me that no one wins
Comment from : Scuffed21122 Kenny

Too bad you didnt win but nice hotel!!! How much was it?
Comment from : Teewum

Anteater 1818
At first when I saw the title I thought you won $93038 Brian! Nevertheless I'm glad you caught the win and the winner on video!
Comment from : Anteater 1818

Elainya Crayton
You picked lock and lock but wrong type. Close. Sorry . Love. Thanks for all info.
Comment from : Elainya Crayton

Deadshot Gaming
I thought u was winning the jackpot lol
Comment from : Deadshot Gaming

michael thompson
Maybe if you took your wins faster, you could have won the $98,000. I'm sure you can't win jackpots when on free spins, so pushing take win speeds up the free spins, therefore more of a chance to hit the jackpot. I am happy for the guy that won it though.
Comment from : michael thompson

Stephanie SC
Progressive Lock it Link?
Comment from : Stephanie SC

Daniel Medrano
Big lie you make it seem like if you whom the jacpot
Comment from : Daniel Medrano

Rosalyn Desmoulin
Damn Brain I really wish it was you that won the Jackpots 😃 lol well next time I guess! Huh Brian 👍
Comment from : Rosalyn Desmoulin

Chris James
You ever come to indiana if you do message me and let me know would be nice for you to come through
Comment from : Chris James

alexander germani
U should have went to MGM national harbor
Comment from : alexander germani

oh hey! My local! I go there to play and Morty's deli :D
Comment from : ItsThiefy

SW Johnny
He's in one of the worst casinos in the fucking world. Maryland my home town.
Comment from : SW Johnny

Comment from : SHAWANA LEE

Monique  Armstead
that what i am taking about nice one love
Comment from : Monique Armstead

Tina Flanery
When did you start click baiting? How Rude!!!
Comment from : Tina Flanery

Katie R
Comment from : Katie R

Stephen Muller
When are you coming back to Live?? I play there all the time nice win! Live is my favorite casino
Comment from : Stephen Muller

Thomas Fletcher
All I can say is congratulations to Robert .
Comment from : Thomas Fletcher

Robert has probably spent 10x that
Comment from : JetEyeNight

Ahh!! You came to Maryland?! And I missed you?!
Comment from : Dropdeadkittyyy

Magana Ventures
Did he only bet a dollar???
Comment from : Magana Ventures

Ayanna Jones
Outdoor gambling patio??.... Um...AWESOME!! Lol
Comment from : Ayanna Jones

song at end? Any one can help?
Comment from : enikatee

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