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Chairman Meow
Daniel Negreanu would have answered Smith's question correctly the first time
Comment from : Chairman Meow

I thought for sure the Hellmuth hand was going to be a 10 on the river
Comment from : ethanL337

Beckie Randall Nadeau
Fire the cameraman
Comment from : Beckie Randall Nadeau

Steve Huffman
Drat! Phil actually won a hand! What fun is THAT?!?
Comment from : Steve Huffman

feelme later
The 1st one what happened?2 pair ace and jack..lose to pair of aces king kicker?
Comment from : feelme later

Phil angle shoots to add to his slime layer for the coming winter.
Comment from : stonefly69

Mosaab Amer
I didn't understand the first one, could someone please expain
Comment from : Mosaab Amer

what? Kfull J only bet200?
Comment from : 乔一

Rockstar Rica
11:52 oh yes that's dirty
Comment from : Rockstar Rica

Marvin Hernandez
When Phil wins everything is good what a bitch he reminds me of Tom Brady
Comment from : Marvin Hernandez

Mike Bastoni
Ace king verse ace Jack I could fold that all day
Comment from : Mike Bastoni

Akenhead already had Ngo crushed, why show the hand?
Comment from : DashDrones

Polo C
who was the idiotic female commentator? Poc 6s was leading all the way. Why wouldn't he bet on turn?
Comment from : Polo C

Makarov -
Dude... Why Full house beat a Flush?????!!!
Comment from : Makarov -

Chris Wiseman
Phil didn’t care what you had when the Q hit the river, Justin ...
Comment from : Chris Wiseman

John Shanley
11:53 lol
Comment from : John Shanley

Way to get value with full house, Barny.
Comment from : MaxWraith

Jaxson Bateman
2nd hand isn't all that amazing. 4 community cards leading to the winning hand is never really special - it's too easy for your opponent to have something here, especially when a high card is all they need (like a king in that case).
Comment from : Jaxson Bateman

the second one was soo stupid

he almost always loses with AJ there, because what hands can the opponent have? AK, AQ, AA, KK, QQ, TT, KQ, KJ, KT you lose vs all of them.. the only hands he possibly beats within the range might be AT, QT or A4... I'd consider that real bad odds and super sloppy play from that NGO guy

Comment from : chabosmulm

Caesar Palac3
i los 213k:'(
Comment from : Caesar Palac3

steven manwaring
I feel the the second one was actually more of an action killer
Comment from : steven manwaring

Фёдор Хан
Iz fold last move👌
Comment from : Фёдор Хан

Cao Tuan Vo
I like the commentating of Maria. It's clear and one can learn from that
Comment from : Cao Tuan Vo

Julian Ruvalcaba
Vu is one sloppy poket player . The way he bets his chips is unnecessary. To many chips to be throwing them in all sloppy
Comment from : Julian Ruvalcaba

Notorious _324
Omg 6 of diamonds you must be so excited knowing you got a flush meanwhile opponent has a full house damn that hurts
Comment from : Notorious _324

"honey...i hit the perfect river and this guy calls my 18,000 bet. Honey, can you believe these morons and idiots"
Comment from : ostreds

Notorious _324
Comment from : Notorious _324

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