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a good boah
Luke Schwartz has the most punchable face ever
Comment from : a good boah

Steven Mage
No offense, but Robel just got a loser face...
Comment from : Steven Mage

Kazimierz Bosman
Good luck*
Comment from : Kazimierz Bosman

Ugly motherfcker schwatrz. Play another game dumbass. Poker just for a grown man
Comment from : Bones

Stephen Crowther
Comment from : Stephen Crowther

Tub Youttubb
Pity robl all the time
Comment from : Tub Youttubb

R.T. Dominguez
Bwahahahaha 😂 Schwartz is such a c*nt of poker!😂
Comment from : R.T. Dominguez

Quick call quick call, be carefull kid !
Comment from : Cicero

Kampoeng Cartoon
Cuma player bodoh buka card all in
Comment from : Kampoeng Cartoon

Daniel McGlone
Thumbnail %’s incorrect, possibility 2 queens are turned
Comment from : Daniel McGlone

Shannon Sutherland
I don’t understand: Schwartz v Laak - flopped him dead? He had runner runner Q’s he could hit to win with quads?
Comment from : Shannon Sutherland

sholto granger
Schwartz...the Phil Helmuth mini me hahahaha
Comment from : sholto granger

John Thomas
6:17 OBST had Ace 5, He would have won if he stayed in
Comment from : John Thomas

Eko Robbyanto
Yg terakhir lucu bingittt......
Comment from : Eko Robbyanto

Jimmy Garza
The Second one was dumbest call of the century.
Comment from : Jimmy Garza

That 1st hand.... rounders anyone??
Comment from : nihiswann

Joe Schmo
When the children fuck up, they let you know.
Comment from : Joe Schmo

Luis C. Padilla
Wait a minute ... is there a European Hellmuth?!
Comment from : Luis C. Padilla

Alec Zacharias
Laak is a demon confirmed
Comment from : Alec Zacharias

Laak is not a good player
Comment from : majidesuka

durdica mac
It seams that Saidel is calling way too quick...with that full house...
Comment from : durdica mac

i like luke's "it's not like i have aces.... even though i do.." line
Comment from : MRswiftkow

Gavin Henare
Laak is a fukin cry baby sore loser, dont play if u cant handle it
Comment from : Gavin Henare

brian florido
Vídeos de la princesa sofia
Comment from : brian florido

Vic Gonzalez
I cant stand this English fagot
Comment from : Vic Gonzalez

One thing I like about Phil L is that I've hardly ever seen a video of him acting like a little bish if he gets a bad beat. He just laughs about it then bets weirdly.
Comment from : TheNinja07

I wanna smack that fatsos face so much.that lame ass attitude bro....
Comment from : MegaFreedomfighter13

Craig Bailey
King 7? Brutal.

Then Laak just shut down: "No further questions..."

Comment from : Craig Bailey

Aaron G
Everytime I see the Laak/Schwartz hand I keep thinking to myself "Is it really that hard to believe Laak has a king here?" It's Phil Laak...he's Durrr without the poker face or poker skill, ferpetesake. I know there was history on this table but still it's not hard to believe Laak has a random king here.
Comment from : Aaron G

Guitar Flash
russians tend to play poker good enough and lucky enough
Comment from : Guitar Flash

Jivko Kostov
that shwarz guy has the most punchable face in the world and that chewing gum doesnt help it
Comment from : Jivko Kostov

Liem H
@2:30 she is hot!
Comment from : Liem H

Is there a more punchable face than Schwartz's?
Comment from : shadowdawg04

Zeus 1455
Benyamine made no mistake on the turn dumbass. He knew damn well that was a weak board and a raise would have ended it right there. So to MAXIMIZE his chip gain he allowed a chance for the man to hang himself
Comment from : Zeus 1455

Kevin Shayne
I beast everyfhing!
Comment from : Kevin Shayne

bente tres.
Haha 2pairs is nothing is this game.
Comment from : bente tres.

Benyamine made the right call on the turn. Had he raised against a no hand AQ, Lisandro would've folded. Benyamine should've checked on the river though. Would've drawn a raise where he could then re-raise. So many commentators who make bad calls even when seeing cards.
Comment from : Abe

Tom L
Schwartz- open mouth chewing gum “Shoo Shick....”
Comment from : Tom L

Steven Smith
That's sickening. It's too sick
Comment from : Steven Smith

vago vagi
gus big fish ))
Comment from : vago vagi

Chris Ortega
12:37 i feel bad for the guy
Comment from : Chris Ortega

lol they always lie about their hands when they freak out. Never understand that when they're going to see it anyways...
Comment from : IceWarrior101

Impressive how Schwartz immediately thought he flopped the boat after Phil shoved
Comment from : caesar4k

Stut NWA
If you win,what's the matter of giving money to us,just one billion
Comment from : Stut NWA

Dave Wong
the fat Laak too fake
Comment from : Dave Wong

Abdul Nawawi
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Comment from : Abdul Nawawi

BBlack6868 FXLiveTrading
You have to pay attention to who's catching cards.....and respect it.
Lark played him perfectly.....

Comment from : BBlack6868 FXLiveTrading

Watching poker videos is way more enjoyable when you actually know what's going on. From being completely ignorant just a month ago to now catching myself going "Yeah, there's no way the other guy can win unless the turn is this card, and the river is that card". Not an expert yet by any means, but it's nice to finally "get it". Lol
Comment from : blkplauge

move overused term in poker .....'sick'
Comment from : mdd1963

keep your gob shut luke , i dont want to watch you chewing like a cow in a field
Comment from : Actingskint

xSorA xSky
You go not aces you got queens you idiots
Comment from : xSorA xSky

Kiefer Rendon
10:01 that guy against Locke had a terrible poker face and wears his emotions too much on his sleeve
Comment from : Kiefer Rendon

13.30, who cares about the hand
Comment from : Michael

Shahid Islam
In last game, why laak lost??? He has KKK77 and its better than QQKK.
Comment from : Shahid Islam

Luke Schwartz is obviously retarded for not being able to simply keep his mouth shut:D
Comment from : SkillzzzSkillzzz

Schwartz. The fat Tom Dwan
Comment from : Chris

Chris Pratt
I like how Luke Schwartz lies about having aces. What a scumbag.
Comment from : Chris Pratt

john mcmasters
Ouch do I feel bad for that last guy and he even knew his mistake when it reached the end..... and that instant all in after bet literally psyke killing
Comment from : john mcmasters

I could watch this mouth breather lose all day
Comment from : elvis316

Cousin Jimmy Farha
Schwartz is a fucking moron. He bet QQ into trup KK.
Comment from : Cousin Jimmy Farha

lazan arndt
I hate Laak. He is suck a sick weird bastard. I love to see him when he doesn't win a hand but he is going to win this one.
Comment from : lazan arndt

Mario Gandolfo
Comment from : Mario Gandolfo

Kshitij Chakraborty
Legend says that robl didnt cry since earlier in his carrier, he lost against 4 of a kind Queens, even having 4 of a kind 9s 😂
Comment from : Kshitij Chakraborty

Agent J
So easy to bluff, when you already have the nuts. Getting them to believe it was a bluff is the work.
Comment from : Agent J

Всплыло в рекомендациях, я правильно понял? И только англоязычные комментарии.. Вы знаете что делать.
Comment from : Naivik

Luke Schwartz is an overrated idiot. No wonder he's bleeding money. He'd better lose some weight instead of wasting time losing at poker
Comment from : wallythewhale

Steroid Star
3:30 what an idiot!!! There are two pairs open
Comment from : Steroid Star

At 9:34 why is there a 0 percent chance for Schwarz? Imagine two Queens appear on Turn & River. That would be four of a kind for him. Enough to beat Laak right?
Comment from : Leo

Троль ИзЛеса
9:27 Why QQ have 0% to win? What about Q on turn and Q on river?
Comment from : Троль ИзЛеса

wayne derby
Comment from : wayne derby

Clark T
Is there any skill involved? Other than counting cards.
Comment from : Clark T

Anti-Federalist 1776
I love that Laak won a satellite all those years ago & just never went away... as Antonio once said
Comment from : Anti-Federalist 1776

Vu Cao
what the duck
Comment from : Vu Cao

Aaron S
3:28 does he think that hairstyle looks good or is he just to tired to clean up? Legit question not trying to bash him
Comment from : Aaron S

ivan meleca
Comment from : ivan meleca

windy winend
Full house VS Four Cards

Comment from : windy winend

rashaud cook
Legend has it, it’s still too sick
Comment from : rashaud cook

bobobo boboboo
its tournament poker who gives a fk
Comment from : bobobo boboboo

joe smith
Schwartz needs to close his mouth when he fucking chews anything
Comment from : joe smith

Luke Schwartz can either be a total dickhead or a gentleman at the table, just depends how much cocaine he’s had! 🤔🙈😳
Comment from : MrSimondee1

Mauro Rodrigo
Porque 0%??
Se bate QQ no turn e river o cara faz uma quadra...

Comment from : Mauro Rodrigo

Drew Drewski
Luke Schwatrz is the most punchable cunt in poker!
Comment from : Drew Drewski

Fat BodyBuilder
stop chewing your gum like a FUCKIN COW !
Comment from : Fat BodyBuilder

Илья Самсонов
Ой ееей
Comment from : Илья Самсонов

Jack Williamson
It’s just too sick
Comment from : Jack Williamson

Carlton Banks
I want to punch Schwartz's face fucking chews like a pig disgusting
Comment from : Carlton Banks

Every time I see robl I really can't tell if he won't do his hair or if that's his purposeful hairstyle
Comment from : KanyeWet

eric veneto
Did he call him "Jack Trickett"?
Comment from : eric veneto

K 7 is known around my group as my hand. If that flop came out and I was in nobody would play!
Comment from : flypaperset

@7:24 "Benyamin has to raise here, to maximize value." Benyamin flats. 'Doofus Commentating' says "I dont like that just call by Benyamin." River peels the Alvin! Makes Delissandro's AQ a suddenly formidable holding. Where good ol' 'Doof Troop Commentator Boy' says "Oh gee golly lookie here folks'! Mithter Benyamin's ***mistake ended up paying dividends.(Not verbatim fuckbags! The dingaling said something similar which could be contrived to mean exactly what I'm saying. Got it? IDGAF what the hell the pompous penis wrinkle actually or exactly said. Doesn't even matter! I smelled what the turd was steppin in) Anyway!

* Mistake.
As a Noun it means; An action or judgement that is Misguided or Wrong.
As a Verb; Be Wrong About. So, Not only did Benyamin get the call spot on, got absolutely NOTHING about the equation WRONG! NOTHING! That in itself is bad enough. You look like an idiot! Who are you to call this mans move a mistake? There's only 1 strategy in NLH and it's yours? Or what? Just cuz it's some shit you wouldn't do, means it's a mistake? You're undefeated in your poker career, correct? Never lost? If so, then I will humbly apologize for my 2 mistaken cents! But unless you are, totally undefeated, which is the only way to prove that he made a mistake. Is to prove that you know exactly what he should have done there, because you know everything there is to know about poker, because you've never lost, because your way is the correct way, and everything else is just mistakes. Are you starting to see how you look? Yes? No? Its absurd! Nobody! No rinky dink ass 'hand chart' is necessary for NLH! Absolutely none! I've never used one. Never even searched one. I absolutely do not know everything there is to know about poker! No way! No how! I learn things every single time I play! Tue. Thu. Sat. MTT's. Small town thing. Bout 30 of us. Dedicated! Grinders. Grind from 7pm to 6am. Like 3-4 15-20min breaks. Cash game. And MTT. Rebuy 1st hour. Get under 10$ to rebuy. Optional add-on at the 60min mark. Color up. Start it. Serious play. 1000+ pot. Pay 3. 50%1st 30%2nd 20%3rd. Pretty cool. Other 2 are double headers Tue&Thu nights at a little bar. 5$ buy in. 30ppl. Over in 2hrs. Blinds soar up. Super unorthodox poker. Ppl calling Jesus down from the cross!(forgive me) I take it down regularly. I final table 80+% of the time. I have 1 1st place finish at the big game. 1 chop 1st at the big game. And 2 3rds at the big game. 2 4ths at the big game.(4th is usually 10 from each player. Although last time I received 15 from each) in 8 trys. Finaled all but 1. My game is tight! Its just missing that certain little oomph! Im tired of playing good enough to practically shoe in the final table! Finish 4th. Get my money back. Or 5th. Hyper Aggressive players raising every single flop at final 4-5 still throw me off. Not as much. Im catching up! And its gonna be only a matter of time before I systematically crush the game! Oh yeah!
I am WINNING THE NEXT POKER TOUR THAT COMES THRU COLORADO! BLACKHAWK AREA, APRIL 2019. Don't know the name of the Tour or Casino. It'll be my 1st "Big" Tourny! 200,000+ maybe 300,000! I have already staked my claim!

Comment from : SNAP CASE

ADB 507
Laak vs Schwatrz is epic 😂😂
Comment from : ADB 507

Matthew Wood
Robyl reminds me of a sick Chris Pine from Star Trek lol!
Comment from : Matthew Wood

The Earthtones
Why is he wearing a woman’s shirt in the first vid 😂😂😂
Comment from : The Earthtones

Marvin Alcantara
LAAK: "quick call, quick check, ALL - IN !!!" WTF!!! 😂
Comment from : Marvin Alcantara

André Silva
Had once a full house on the flop, and I still lost to quads
Comment from : André Silva

KOF Tigandi
Nice One i just calmed down from my shitty day...
Comment from : KOF Tigandi

Steven Hickman
The other day i got action with a full house on the flop on pokersatrs and lost to quads standard stars hand!😂
Comment from : Steven Hickman

Verify Controversy
“Fuck you! And your never ending string of boats”
Comment from : Verify Controversy

Eric Mathis
0:22 "this is bad news for the Russian here..." Which one? they are both Russian.
Comment from : Eric Mathis

Blue Ocean
Poker game
Luck (dealer) 80 %
IQ. 10%
ATM balance 10%
Most likely they fail on the ATM balance

Comment from : Blue Ocean

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