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Binoy Parekh
More Daniel Negreanu videos please
Comment from : Binoy Parekh

Виктор Дрёмин
Негреану всех чихвостит и в хвост и в гриву! Особенно любит тупых, самоуверенных пизд из первого сюжета!
Переводите 🤣

Comment from : Виктор Дрёмин

Klar Lasmas
giving important tips with every phrase
Comment from : Klar Lasmas

Rap Game
5:35 " I lost to the best". If that is not respect idk what is
Comment from : Rap Game

Mickey Ari
everytime he hits a set he blinks his eyes rapidly, dam i can totally beat this man in headsup
Comment from : Mickey Ari

Aurora Vuitton
9:33 the tournament chip leader had trips
Comment from : Aurora Vuitton

"I think I have you both crushed" was such a baller line.
Comment from : SlothManJ

Yankee Inmissouri
That lady is a class act.
Comment from : Yankee Inmissouri

7.00 3번째게임 확률 0은아니지않나?
낮은확률이지만 투카드 5면이길팬데

Comment from : 이동현

Elixir ,
He is the best simply
Comment from : Elixir ,

Nature Boy
If u wear shades at the poker table, you're pathetic
Comment from : Nature Boy

Shantorey Wilkins
Comment from : Shantorey Wilkins

I ripped major ass. Lawdy lawd.
Comment from : CyanoticFuture

Rachel Gibson
9:30 I have never seen a game where so many people had pocket pairs.
Comment from : Rachel Gibson

Kehan Ma
I like the commentator.
Comment from : Kehan Ma

clint brunke
In case any of you missed it. Daniel knew he was winning when he saw her reaction to his playing with his chips. Getting reads off people is not always about what they are doing but often how they react to what your doing and it's not always over the top abvious stuff
Comment from : clint brunke

Mr. Negreanu is the best !! so much talent..Westlake ohio
Comment from : BROKE GOLF WORKER

Cat Bui Khang
"You both have Ace King" it's not like anyone can fold a set on that flop but the fact that Daniel say that out loud puts him on another level
Comment from : Cat Bui Khang

Daniel petrov
5:45 Noting you can do there with AK - he can actually fold. It's kinda obvious that Negreanu doesn't call on the gutshot or with a middle pair, but at least two pairs, set or flopped straight. And when you put the Lady on an A, this leaves only one possible weaker A for Daniel. And Adamic didn't even take the time to think. I think a better player would fold in this situation.
Comment from : Daniel petrov

Khtr N
Comment from : Khtr N

Live Life Freely
deuce = двойка
Comment from : Live Life Freely

Marty Warner
Dan the Man!
Comment from : Marty Warner

Will D.
Unless you have guys like Phil Ivey, Hellmuth, Brunson, etc., you are going to have a real hard time just trying to survive at a table with Negreanu in it. Best of the best right there
Comment from : Will D.

BoB Barker
Ladies events??? Tell us how y'all are equals again? It's Poker not a damn bench press contest.
Comment from : BoB Barker

Deann Keys
Comment from : Deann Keys

4:38 how good is this guy!!!!! He is my all time Poker hero .....bar none!!!!!
Comment from : calibergemini

Crystal Mir
Last massive hand negreanu played one of the player rage quit and threw a deck of card at wolverine
Comment from : Crystal Mir

Thomas Hogan
That first hand was terrible play from the lady
Comment from : Thomas Hogan

gocha galski
Comment from : gocha galski

Daniel looked into the dealers soul and knew he would flop him a set, before she even started dealing. He's that good.
Comment from : FatLane

Randomly Entertaining
Wish there were more women out there looking like Rousso playing poker lol
Comment from : Randomly Entertaining

I love watching Daniel play !!
Comment from : D D

Illuminati aqi
Why YONG has 0%
Comment from : Illuminati aqi

Michael Pessoa
Obviously Negreanu is an experienced poker player, but do you notice how lucky he is? Any poker player in the world consistently flopping sets can do the same thing. Poker is 90% luck and 10% skill/knowledge
Comment from : Michael Pessoa

Kevin Roth
5:32 can't the 5th card be an Ace and then Isaacs and Adamic both win split the pot? Sorry i don't get why Daniel is declared winner here?
Comment from : Kevin Roth

Negreanu on his hustle... I got like twenty ads about his Masterclass.
Comment from : ehill1536

John Juanda
I had trips
Comment from : John Juanda

brad bouton
The kangaroos lol
Comment from : brad bouton

Sándor Balogh
Büdös román
Comment from : Sándor Balogh

Alen Alen
Why the exclamation mark? Like flopping a set was something incredible?!
Comment from : Alen Alen

Александр Кутепов
Негриану слишком много дал в конце.
Comment from : Александр Кутепов

Chim Richalds
"You have an ace...." what a read
Comment from : Chim Richalds

Dean Johnson
Negreanu my favorite poker player!Hes modest and polite and just really a top notch player!!
Comment from : Dean Johnson

Rousso van Hoorn
Love her last name
Comment from : Rousso van Hoorn

That dude is spooky good.
Comment from : rapid13

DJ Vortical
When Daniel Negreanu said "you need to understand that everything you do at the poker table conveys information," I felt that.
Comment from : DJ Vortical

Guitar Flash
Remember Negreanu is a drama queen and is likely over exaggerating.
Comment from : Guitar Flash

That cricket noise line was on purpose
Comment from : Garnalenpeller

leon koen
Comment from : leon koen

bob cl
when I have KK they hit QQ
Comment from : bob cl

Jacob the feb 7
Hey it’s Vanessa from BB 17!!!!
Comment from : Jacob the feb 7


In God's name, why two hearts?

Comment from : MCFoultier

Ross Reeder
All these hands play themselves. When you flop trips and opponent flops top two pair with rainbow the money goes in. The best play is the person that doesn't lose all his money in these situations.
Comment from : Ross Reeder

Never in my life did I think I'm gonna see someone from fucking Komen on poker stars XD 2:56
Comment from : nejcr26

Duco Romme
Does anyone know the name of the dealer in the first video? This Shaolin Warrior pops up everywhere.
Comment from : Duco Romme

7:55 Obviously the correct fold, but would you fold top 2 pair there seeing how the action went?
Comment from : mscolli3

Greg Heffernan
It will probably be on TV ... great comeback to Daniel fishing for clues on what Justin laid down -- Great poker ... Videos of "Daniel Plays and Inter-reactions" are among the best and most entertaining!
Comment from : Greg Heffernan

Darrell Schmitz
The lady that lost with AK needs to teach Phil how to loose gracefully. Lol
Comment from : Darrell Schmitz

Edward Horse
shows how good kates is, even though he lost
Comment from : Edward Horse

Rambo, John J.
Only better feeling in poker than having your opponent all-in drawing dead is flopping a set when you weren’t the preflop raiser.
Comment from : Rambo, John J.

Rambo, John J.
Issacs has written 5 poker books?

As of today, not one has sold a single copy yet.

Comment from : Rambo, John J.

John Thomas
"I had twips" Juanda*
Comment from : John Thomas

Bad News Bears
You need to understand that everything you do at the poker table conveys information
Comment from : Bad News Bears

Hard not to like Daniel...
Comment from : tempebill

RoB3rT SoN
go ramble in the city
Comment from : RoB3rT SoN

dan hemmerling
I always thought poker would be more interesting.
Comment from : dan hemmerling

Neil Simpson
*writes 6 books on poker then celebrates when she has 1% equity in a 3 way all in.
Comment from : Neil Simpson

pafpaf paflol
Bravo Daniel
Comment from : pafpaf paflol

Canis Majoris
this stupid bitch was taught a lesson
Comment from : Canis Majoris

kurruk k
Negreanu had trips..
Comment from : kurruk k

4:36 wow
Comment from : sergio

Bad bet by daniel on the last hand
Comment from : TheGillenium

clayton stone
6:20 I've never seen a more Asian way to fold in my life. Who is this man?
Comment from : clayton stone

Cynsire Miller
He is odd and talks a lot like a woman
Comment from : Cynsire Miller

death row
55 flop KQJ and 0% ????
Comment from : death row

Johan Sihombing
thats not real bucks. its just a score chips
Comment from : Johan Sihombing

im mad Daniel didnt snap with a set of dueces. i thought he flatted to induce a 3 bet shove, not because he wanted to control the pot. what a slow roll
Comment from : Alexander

Michael Muryn
What a slow roll from Negreanu on turn, so disrespectful.
Comment from : Michael Muryn

Michael Muryn
Set magnet.
Comment from : Michael Muryn

"vanessa has air here"...bruh she has a backdoor straight and a backdoor flush
Comment from : akabuca96

Vane Mak
Dan Cates and Justin Smith make world class lay downs. This is why these guys are the best of the best. They can muck a king high flush lay down like its water and not even feel a thing. That’s why I work 70 hours a week like dog cause I don’t have the patience like these smart players.
Comment from : Vane Mak

Purple Haze
why even post this video...what's exciting about it? so daniel flopped a set...then what??
Comment from : Purple Haze

Strange W A V E
Hit 'em with the rake.
Comment from : Strange W A V E

The Dongstein
He’s totally tried to bang her and she wants nothing to do with him 😂😂😂😂 This is so akward
Comment from : The Dongstein

Shakes First
No one in Australia calls pocket kings the kangaroos. That's just stupid.
Comment from : Shakes First

Fire Fox
Slowrolla slowrolla coglione
Comment from : Fire Fox

5:35 Did somebody fold an Ace before this or did they call it before the last card? Am I missing something?
Comment from : twitchinstereo

His speach with 2-2 was sickening. Total waste of everyones time with his insta call.
Comment from : rebar33

Arnold Lueders
Daniel Negreanu thinks he is so great when he always has the best hand, it's hard to lose.
Comment from : Arnold Lueders

Mia Fora
Just how good is jungleman? Very nice snap fold
Comment from : Mia Fora

Leon Anderson
6:24 Why are all the Asians that I see playing poker so ruthless with their cards.
Comment from : Leon Anderson

Vanessa baby wyd ??
Comment from : G_o7

5:11 this is someone who wrote 5 books on poker?? wtf?
Comment from : jovio777

jai devnani
Wtf was that first woman doing? 2 on the river is the perfect bait to raise a ridiculous amount when you've called the turn ffs. He'd have folded.
Comment from : jai devnani

Robbo Da Yobbo
Damn.. Vanessa is hot as....
Comment from : Robbo Da Yobbo

Donnie Darko
He is a flamming liberal jagoff.
Comment from : Donnie Darko

Joe Rogaine
The way he played those pocket 7s was nice
Comment from : Joe Rogaine

Shane Curlee
She wrote 5 books then didnt know what the hell she needed😂😂😂
Comment from : Shane Curlee

Chris From The Sticks
Comment from : Chris From The Sticks

Chris From The Sticks
Comment from : Chris From The Sticks

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